Dance Dance Revolution / In The Groove at MIT

Robin Park '19, Matthew Hambacher '21

This is a webpage for the StepManiaX cabinet at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The machine will be available for all members of the MIT community to use. There is a desktop computer running StepMania 5.1 with the Simply Love theme behind the cabinet.

Note: The numpads can be a little finnicky, but should work for the most part. Use 2468 as directions and enter as enter. We are currently working on an alternative to this that should be done by the end of summer. Stay tuned!

If you notice any issues with the machine (pads unresponsive, PC turned off, arrow panels cracked, unable to exit a menu, etc.), please let us know in the cabinet-problems channel of our Discord server.

Where is it located?

The cabinet is located in Pritchett Cafe next to the Rainbow Lounge on the second floor of Walker Memorial (Building 50). You can get there via the basement or from the side of the building facing East Campus. Pritchett Cafe is open from 3pm to 11pm from Monday to Friday over the regular semester, but is closed during the summer. You will need an MIT student ID card to access the machine outside of cafe hours. If you do not have an MIT student ID card, join us on our Discord server and message the room-access channel with a time you'd like to play. Someone with card access can then let you in.

ITG events

Over the summer, there won't be any official ITG sessions unless there's sufficient interest. If you would like to be reminded of when an event is happening, please subscribe to the StepMania CSAIL mailing list and join us on our Discord server.

The song packs that are currently on the machine are listed here. If you have any suggestions on what packs/songs/charts we should add, let us know on our Discord server.

Special thanks

We would like to thank the De Florez Fund for Humor for funding this project with a total of $7,000 in funds – this cabinet wouldn't be here if it weren't for their generous donation.

We would also like to thank Kyle Ward, CEO of StepManiaX, for manufacturing the high-quality cabinet and pads and personally assisting us in obtaining a machine.

Finally, thanks to everyone who helped make this project happen, from helping assemble the cabinet to giving moral support.